The internet, March 5th, 2005.

Well, I hope people haven't been holding their breath waiting for this page to appear...
I got a new job, and a new home, and all kinds of things that consume time.
But I'm back now, and I'm determined to get some files uploaded as quick as I can...

So, what's this Intrachat thing?
Well, here's the story.

I have a friend who runs her own business, and an office that goes with it. In this office she had a few Win98/XP Home machines running. One of the XP machines did some server stuff, like sharing an internet connection and sharing files. So, one day I said to her 'You really need a server, and I'm gonna take care of this for you. But it will be a FreeBSD server.'.
And that's when the trouble started...

Well, in time we got most of it ironed out (Samba, Cups, and with a bit of Perl and batch scripting they can even use netlogon, sort of).
But 1 problem persisted: communication from the server to the workstations.
When the printers were on 1 of the XP machines, and they were out of paper, the guy behind the XP machine got a dialog saying the printer was out of paper. He then put in some new paper, and shouted 'there's new paper in the printer!' and everyone was happy. But now that the printers are on the server, these messages just disappear in the logs.
Another problem was that the guy who did the network administration (yes, the same guy), had to learn how to work with FreeBSD even for something simple like adding a network share.

And this is where Intrachat comes in.
Intrachat will be a server/client that can bring warnings and error messages from the *nix server to the Windows workstations.
And Intrachat will be a server/client that enables a system administrator to send simple commands to the server.
And when the infrastructure is there, let's give 'm something to play with: a chat server/client.

Intrachat will be written in Perl. I chose Perl for 2 reasons.
The first one is that I just love Perl. It lets me do anything I want, the way I want to do it. On top of that, Perl is the first programming language I learned, and first love never dies.
The second reason is that I can use Perl on both *nix and Windows (and Mac, and what have you) without having to compile things.

So, that's the story, and now for the files...
Expect these in a few days. I would say before the end of this week but, knowing myself, I should probably say before the end of March...
I had something, but when I got ready to upload I thought 'Maybe there's some things I should improve before I do'. So I'm rewriting it now, and I should be uploading soon.
If you're lookig for something ready and stable, I can only say 'look further', because I'm not there yet. But if you think this could be a fun project, and you'd like to participate, please contact me. I could use some more hands (and brains).

Update 20080212:
Okay, I admit it... It took a bit longer...
But I've uploaded some files.
I'm in the process of setting up SVN now, so the rest of this project may well be hosted at
Keep an eye on this page for updates (or don't; how could I blame you when the last update took me almost 3 years?).

And thanks a lot to Logo
for providing cvs and web services.